Saturday, May 29, 2010

Long Time, No See....

Well it has really been a while but I have decided that it might be time for me to get back into the creative world of stitching, cooking and blogging :)

My health is still not great and I am still in and out of hospital (and back in a wheelchair, maybe for good) with my pesky knee, but on the exciting side, we are due to have our 4th baby on the 2nd of July. Yeah!!
We are expecting another little girl and are getting really excited now that the date of my ceasarian is getting so close. Here is a pic of our little cherub, she is laying on her back and the pic is a profile of her face and her beautiful little hands.
I don't want to sound like I'm whinging, but just to update you on everything, I was back in hospital late last week for a few days and have been given a weekend pass to come home and be with my babys. I miss them terribly when I'm away and the hospital I have to go to is about half an hour away (our local hospital doesn't have a maternity section) which makes visiting hard for my non-licenced hubby. Anyway, I have to go back on Monday morning so I can see all the specialists, Occupational Therapists, Physios etc.

Just to make life really interesting we have also just moved house :) Our old house was just a little too cozy for our growing family and when we were offered assistance to move into a house more suited to my disability, we jumped at it! Even though the timing was less than perfect. hehe Anyway the new house is fantastic!!! It's so HUGE I can manouver my way all around the house in my chair, and can even get into the kitchen again, something I have really missed! I've even enjoyed stacking the dishwasher :) But the best part is our new 4 bedroom home has enough bedrooms for all of us and I even get to use the study as my new sewing room!! Yeah!! I had to forfeit the formal dining area as a mancave for hubby, but worth it I recon :)

I must admit that for the last 6 months or so I havn't even picked up a needle or a drawing pad as some pretty harsh comments from a particular person robbed me of my passion for sewing, but I think with my new sewing room and the hope that my medical problems might just about be under control, it is time to get back into my beloved hobby.

Anyway enough of that and time for some pics, My gorgeous cherub #2 turned 4 at the start of May and requested a Fairy Toadstool cake. She actually wanted a heart cake to start with, but silly me convinced her that that was too easy and we should do something a bit fancier, yeah good idea Mum! ;) Anyway on the morning of her party I started icing the cake at 9am and 15 minutes before the party started at 2pm, I finally washed the last of the food colouring from my hands. Nothing like a bit of pressure to start a kids party hahaha. Anyway, here is what I came up with, admittedly I did steal the idea from a kids party book, but instead of using Marsipan (yuck!) I used royal ising on the bottom of the toadstool and for the fairys etc. and my favourite butter icing for the top. It was delicious!!

Thers was 5 different coloured fairys all around the house, just adorable and my Chloe was just exstatic about it, I was pretty pleased with it too.

She just loves fairys and princesses, (of course) and so we had a dress up party, Chloe's cousin Leah (on the right) just happened to arrive in the same dress, oops :) But they looked so gorgous they could be twins.

So anyway I should really go and get organised, it's back to the unpacking of the house and repacking for hospital. So until next time, night night.