Monday, March 12, 2012

What a week!!

Last weekend I entered my first ever quilt show. The show was my local Agricultural show in Milton on the South Coast of NSW.

I was very very nervous being that I've only been quilting for 5 years, but I was excited too. I have worked so hard on my quilts and it was my first opportunity to have my quilts judged. So after finally finishing the hand quilting on one of my quilts the night before, I entered my quilts and waited patiently for Friday morning when I woke up bright and early and dragged my whole family up to Milton to see my quilts hanging.

As I entered the pavillion I was greeted by one of the white glove ladies who had recognised me from the shop I work at and was chatting away whilst trying to look at my quilt. I was in shock to see that my Tummy Time quilt was hanging right at the front next to the Best in Show Quilt! A stunning quilt with some perfect stars which was machine pieced to perfection!

I was still oblivious to the fact that there in front of my eyes was a certificate with the number 1 on it.  
I was looking right at this certificate and I didn't notice the number 1 until it was pointed out to me! I started giggling like a school girl :)

 I just can't seem to get a decent photo of this quilt. It really is so much cuter in person.

Anyway, then we went searching for my 2nd quilt and guess what, I got another certificate, this time a number 2 was on it :) 
I was so proud of this quilt and was a bit disappointed when I saw it hanging. It looked like it needed a good iron, but I was rapt to receive a second place ribbon.
 This quilt, called 'Reflections' was made in a class with Sheena Chapman. The circles were made with out pins and was totally free formed. I then traponto'd (no idea how to spell that tehe) the circles and then hand quilted circles all over the quilt. Its the most unique quilt I've ever made and probably the most fun I've ever had too.

Anyway, something else pretty big happened this week. My gorgeous baby Niece finally made her appearance into the world! Of my 4 Nieces and Nephews, this is the first time I have ever seen one of them when they were so little. I have always lived so far away, they are usually walking before I get to meet them. Here is the gorgeous Miss Heidi.
 This is my 2 neices together, Leah and Heidi. Aren't they just adorable!
I made a special project for this gorgous girl and as soon as I get my cover version finished I will show you some pics :) But for now I'm going to cuddle my gorgeous girl, who just seems to have grown so big, practically overnight!

I hope you had a good week too!
Hugs Paula