Thursday, August 5, 2010

Make it Perfect's Uptown girl Jacket

I haven't really had a huge amount of time to sew lately, but I did get my girls jackets finished! Here's my little miss in her jacket, It is made with some super cute denim fabric that had the flowers already embroidered on it! I love it! I also made one for Molly, but she threw a tantrum when we were trying it on her so it went in the cupboard for a few days as punishment hahaha. I hope this lasts, that they love the clothes that I make them so much they can be used as leverage hehe.
Sorry about the pic, my camera battery is flat and so I took it on my new phone and copied it from my facebook page! Ahh technology, don't you love it! :) Please excuse the rediculously messy sewing room in the background, thank goodness you can only see the bookshelf :)