Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More humbugs following on from the tutorial

I'm completely hooked on Humbugs! I love them and can't stop making them. That was of course till I ran out of zippers.
But a quick trip today to my local sewing shop and I'm all stocked up again! yeah!
I've come up with a new variation to my little cutes, and they now have an elastic handle. Don't they look cute!
If you'd like to make these handles you'll need to cut your handle strip 2" x 16 - 18" depending on how much gather you want. You'll also need about 9 1/2" of 1/4" elastic.

Fold your fabric in half length wise with the right sides together and stitch your seam using a 1/4 in seam.
Stitch all the seam but stop 1/4" from the end. Put your needle in the down position and spin your fabric 90 degrees, so you'll be stitching across the short end. before finishing the seam, slip the elastic under your machine foot and stitchover the elastic a few times to secure it.

Turn your handle through to the right side, but make sure to keep hold of the unstitched end of your elastic. Pin your elastic to the open end of your handle. proceed as before and insert the handle in your prefered position.
The photo love fest continues :)
How on earth am I going to sell these? I love them too much!
Oh and see the yellow whirly gig fabric, thats from the Melly and Me range, Where the wind blows, Its so cute I had to buy the whole range!
Till next time
Hugs Paula


  1. I have made 40 of these for a school project everybody loves them thanks for the handle tip

  2. I just made my first Humbug and I love them. Your tutorials are great and I love the elastic handle!!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I made these bags 5 years ago but lost the pattern! Now I have it again! You never have too many of these! Great for gifts, school trinkets/money, knitting accessories, sewing accessories, teacher gifts, child's get the idea! I love your zipper the best! Your handles are great but. With a bit of imagination you can design your own!

  4. Paula;
    I'm like you, I love making Humbug bags. I started making them years ago.
    Lately I have been experimenting with different sizes.
    As to running out of zippers, here is a site where you can get 14" zippers for .57 cents each - I highly recommend them, The zippers are very good, and the delivery is quick.