Sunday, April 7, 2013

International Quilt Festival of Ireland!

I have a huge Thank You to make! I'm just not sure what your name is...

I was sitting at home the othernight watching a TV show, (I promised I wouldn't check my email for an hour while this show was on) but I broke my promise ;)

Out of the corner of my eye I saw an email come in titled 'Invitation to Exhibit' I just had to look at that one! Didn't I?

Upon reading the email I was speechless! I was being invited to send my 'Summer Rain' Quilt to be featured in an exhibit in IRELAND!! At the INTERNATIONAL Quilt Festival no less!
I just looked at my husband with my mouth hanging open, no words would come out hehehe.

Anyway, this all came about because a lovely reader of my blog sent a message to Jim West the Managing Director of Quiltposium and recommended he look at my quilt! Can you believe it! I was totally in shock for about 2 days. My quilt is 1 of only 3 quilts being exhibited from Australia, I feel so honored!

So Thank You from the bottom of my heart dear reader, I am so greatful!

You can read all about the International Quilt Festival of Ireland here. The exhibits sound like so much fun! Here is the Exhibit Synopsis for the Rain exhibit (were my quilt will be featured)

When one visits Ireland you can’t help but know that one day during your stay, it will rain. Rain is the theme for this exhibit and a soundtrack of rain falling in the background of soft relaxing music will set the mood as visitors stroll through the exhibit.

Ohh how I wish I could deliver my quilt in person!

Hugs Paula

PS. Please let me know if you were the one who emailed Jim West, I would love to thank you in person!