Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Sydney Trip and Prize winners!

Last week my mum, my baby and I headed up to Sydney for the Trade Show and Quilt Show at Darling Harbour. We were so luck to have a family friend at Kirrabilly to stay with and therefore had the most amazing view! On our last night we headed up stairs to the top of the units and OMG! The view was just breathtaking!
 This is my favourite shot.
 Can you imagine, we were so lucky to stay at their amazing home, so Auntie Julie and Unncle Charles Thank You!!!
The trade show was great! We got to see some amazing products and meet some fantastic people! A little bit of Quilting industry star spotting was a highlight too ;)
This is part of the Pattern Press stall which housed all my designs! Mine are on the left of the chair. It was so great to see it all together.
 At the Quilt and Craft Show along with the amazing quilts, some of my favourite things where these new ribbons by Kaffe Fassett. Just gorgeous!!
 Heres another shot of the Harbour, it was just sooo stunning!
Anyway we had a heap of fun and spent waaayyy to much money, but thats all part of it right? I picked up some awesome new products and I hope to find the time soon to do some reviews on here for you to join in the fun.

I also was very slack and forgot to announce the winners of my new patterns. I've done the draw and Congrats to Nadine and Rita! I will be in contact ladies.

I hope you have a great week and will be back soon with some new (or new to me) product reviews :)

Hugs Paula

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My 2 new patterns available soon and a giveaway!

I'm so ridiculously excited :) I have finally finished my next two patterns and they are being printed as I type. Yeah!

As you may have guessed I'm a huge fan of the Sweetwater girls, I love love love their fabrics and purely out of coincidence I have made up my first new pattern using 2 of their ranges. 'Pure and Sunkissed'

This is my first quilt pattern and I'm so proud of it! It is call the 'Love is all around' Quilt. This quilt is designed for every mum or grandmother who I have heard say "They just grow so quick!" I wanted to design a quilt that was fun and cute for a baby, but was still suitable for a toddler, teen and even adult, so this was what I came up with.
 This is the boy version and is a cot quilt size, but is easily 'upsized' by increasing the size of the blocks! I used 2 Charm packs for this quilt, but you could easily make it with 2 layer cakes for a huge quilt!

I also designed a girl version and decided to make this one in just 2 colours, I really love how this one came out and as we backed it with flannel this quilt is soooo cuddly!
The 'Love is all around quilt pattern' will be available from Pattern Press and your favourite quilt shops in the next week, depending on the volcanos and how it affects distribution.

My second new pattern is just so much fun! My kids love to count down to everything! They countdown to Christmas of course, Easter and birthdays, so I decided to design some toys that make counting down so much fun!
So here it is, the 'How Many Sleeps - Countdown Cubes' Pattern.
 First up of course who doesn't count how many sleeps there is until their Birthday? ;)
 And of course Christmas,
 Heres the Easter block with a cute little egg with bunny ears!
 I love the Halloween block, but for those of us who are very patriotic, I'll be putting up a free design for Australia Day soon, so if you don't celebrate Halloween you can just replace this block with the free Australia Day block.
 Its always fun to count down to holiday time,
 And finally the ultimate countdown is to the New Year!
As well as being fun, these blocks are really educational, teaching kids number recognition and how to count backwards.
I'm also really excited about the 'How many sleeps - Countdown Cubes' because they are my first pattern that will include iron on transfers of the embroidery designs. How cool is that!!

To celebrate I think we need to have a giveway!, So if you would like to win a copy of either of my new patterns, just leave me a message on this post and I will draw a winner when I get back from the Trade show in Sydney next friday the 24th of June at 9am. Don't forget to tell your friends! If we get lots of entries I might give away some of my other patterns too! So tell everyone you know :)

A huge thanks goes to my Mum, Lesley! Without her, neither of these patterns would have been finished! She is so amazing, her embroidery skills are out of this world, and is always quick to offer her 'unpicking skills' when I make a boo boo ;)
She also helped piece the quilts and did a fantastic job of quilting them too. So Thank you Nan, Your the best! Check out her ebay shop for gorgeous Batiks!

I hope you love my new designs as much as I do!! Remember to ask your favourite quilt or fabric shop to order in my patterns from Pattern Press.

Hugs Paula

Monday, June 6, 2011

With 4 kids, how do you find the time?

I hear this question on a regular basis, so I thought I'd show you :) This is how I get most of my machine work done.
Emma just wasn't happy this afternoon, so she helped me finish, rather almost finish my next pattern.
I have 2 new patterns being launch at the Sydney Quilting expo, and photography is due on Wednesday, so its busy busy busy around here :)

I had another exciting day last week when I hosted my first workshop! I was rediculously nervous but the ladies were awesome and did a great job on my softie patterns. They were too shy to have their pictures up here, so Sue took a picture of me. eeek, I'm not usually this side of the camera.
It was so much fun and the results were fantastic!
Hugs Paula