Sunday, June 22, 2014

How to quilt free motion swirls - HQ Sweet Sixteen Sunday

Swirls have been one of those designs that I really struggled with... I just couldn't get them to look good, so I gave up and moved onto something else.

But lots and lots of drawing I think I have finally worked it out.

I put together this video to show you how I draw swirls. I'll put up a video as soon as I can to show you how I quilt them on my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen. :)

I'd love to see some pictures if you give this a go, or if you need any help or want me to show you a particular technique, please send me an email... or drop by the Facebook page for lots of inspiration!

Hugs Paula

Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to quilt Free Form Feathers on the HQ Sweet Sixteen

On Last weeks 'HQ Sweet Sixteen Sunday' I showed you how I draw out free form feathers on paper for practice. Here it is again if you want a quick refresh.

This week I wanted to show you how I actually stitch them out on my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen.

Edit: Because of the Queens Birthday long weekend and the amount of visitors and tourists in our town, I had a lot of trouble uploading this video, I had to drop the quality down really low just to get it to upload. I have tried to get the better quality video up ever since, so here it is in HD, hopefully you can actually see what I'm doing now :)

I would love to hear if you have had a go at this! Send me some pictures :)

Hugs Paula