Thursday, February 19, 2009

Christmas Decorations

Here's some of my patchwork christmas decorations. this one was based on a miniture kit my mum gave me a few years ago, but Ive lost the pattern so I'm sorry I can't give credit to the designer.

This one is made from a hatched and patched book called A Christmas Story
a fantastic book that I made heaps of projects from. I love Anni's style of applique. I tend to prefer doing blanket stitch applique over needle turn though so I've made that change. I'm much neater at that. Speaking about applique I have recently joined a yahoo group called scquilters and they have a list of members who are having a hard time and you can mail them a block with a heart on it. I decided to make 5 different heart blocks and try all the different types of applique to see which I prefer. I'll post about that when Ive finished them all.

My Favourite cookies

These cookies are my absolute favourites of all time!

The girls adore them too!

Marthas Yummy Cakes!

I saw these being cooked on Martha... They were delicious. But the cream didn't work first go. not sure why?

Scissor Keeper

Here's my first effort at canvas work. I just joined a lovely group of ladies and this was the weeks project. Even though quilting is my thing, I have decided that I loooove canvas work and have already started on number 2 in greens.
I can't work out how to change the date on my elcheapo camera. hehehe

So this is me...

Ok, so this is my first effort at blogging. I have been reading so many amazing blogs and pinching so many wonderful ideas :) that I thought it was about time that I gave a little back to the blog world.

This is my story.
My name is Paula, wife of Tom and Mum to Molly 4, Chloe 2 and Jack nearly 5 months. I started out my working life as a radio announcer in outback Queensland (Longreach) I worked for my Dad. It was his dream to own a radio station and being a major daddy's girl I followed him into that career so I could be with hime everyday. It was in Longreach that I met my husband, decided to start a family, fell pregnant, moved to Melbourne (to once again be closer to Dad after he sold up and moved), had Molly, got Married, then decided a change in career was needed. I studied a cert III in Beauty at Frankston Tafe and became a Nail Technician. I wanted another baby so fell pregnant and had Chloe in 2006. I started my own business in 2007 and rented a space at Surreal Beauty in Cranbourne, I worked away very happily for nearly 12 months when my life was changed forever.

A simple spilt drink was all it took for me to slip and totally destroy my knee. When footy players hurt their knees they usually tear the ACL (arterial cruciate ligament). I did that one and the PCL and LCL as well. I also fractured 3 bones and dislocated my knee. Needless to say, this was extremely painful and 12 months later I have now been put on a disability pension.

This is both the worst and one of the best things that has happened to me. It meant that I have now found my passion. Lots of time sitting in a wheel chair or hospital bed, you find that anything you can do with your hands is a welcome distraction. This is also the reason for the name of my blog... Lots of time sitting around to sew, but you can never have enough fabric.

So here we are, I have just had my 3rd child, whom I was just pregnant with at the time of my accident, and I loooove anything crafty. I have stolen Jacks bedroom (he sleeps next to me anyway) and designated it as my sewing room, and my lounge is full of UFO's.

So thats me, I hope you will come back occasionally as this will be my little window to the world.