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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sewing and spending :)

It's been a long while since I last posted, but it's because I have been extremely busy. What has kept me the most busy is my new job at Val's shop in Milton NSW, called My Patch Fabrics, (also on Facebook) I absolutely loooove that I can grab a pattern and some fabric and just get sewing with no designing decision pressure!
One of my favourite patterns at the moment is from 'One Red Robin', the Baby Chibi dolls are just too cute!! I've been wanting to make them since the day the shop opened and I finally got to them this week, what do you think?
 I love the little lady bug buttons in the shop so I added one to the flower on my girl Chibi.
What else is going on, well my Mum who I told you about a few weeks ago is now selling Baby Gap clothes on Ebay as well as the hand embroidered t-shirts. This embroidered Owl shirt is one of my favourites!! The stitching is very very well done, what you expect from Baby Gap and at just $12.50 its a bargain! Luckily I get mates rates :)
 My sister also has an ebay shop with stacks of Baby Gap Pyjamas and clothes, she has also just gotten in some wall stichers, We had a birthday in my house yesterday and my 2nd born was very pleased with 2 gorgeous pairs of pj's and some gorgeous heart stickers for her bedroom!
The love bird jammies are my favourite!
Jack looks sooo cute in this outfit! It has a really nice weight to it, with the shirt over the top of the suit (they are attatched), just beautiful quality and they look adorable with jeans!
This outfit though is my absolute favourite!!! My little supermodel looks so rediculously gorgeous in this Carter's outfit! I'll try and get a picture of her in it, just adorable!
Anyway, back to the sewing room for me, I have so many projects on the go, I just need to finish one and I'll be happy :) wishful thinking I think hehe.We are working on some new patterns for kids sewing classes at the shop, got to get to them early ;)

Hugs Paula

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Patch Fabrics Grand Opening!

Ok get ready for a marathon post with tons of pictures!

One of my gorgeous friends who also happens to stock my patterns is Val, Val has been running an ebay shop for some time but has also decided to take the leap into a Bricks and Mortar shop. YEAH!!!

My Patch fabrics opened its doors this morning and it is AMAZING!
 Located at the top of the hill in Milton NSW, My Patch is choc full of the most beautiful fabrics patterns and samples!
These chairs are so beautiful! I just love the fabrics!

Here my Twiga the Giraffe pattern in yummy Amy Butler Love fabrics

I was getting a bit artsy with my new camera hehehe, this is Heather Baileys Effie

My little supermodel hard at work :) Emma is sitting in Vals Sit Me Up Donut Sample.
How cute are those fabrics! Also available in pink shades.

This is Val.

I nearly bought this pattern(sorry this isn't on the online shop yet), but I went with this one from 'Make it Perfect' instead
(I love Toni's patterns), I'm going to make hats for the whole family :)

This is a tower of Fat Quarters folded in triangles. I want one of these instead of a Birthday cake this year! ;)
Heres my Sammy Seahorse Pattern made up in the Sunkissed by Sweetwater fabrics, I love these sooo much! I have some meterage of these, might just be a new pattern coming out in these soon :) The swirly print in my absolute favourite!
Heres another arty pic. This quilt is amazing! the hand quilting is soooo gorgeous. I'm not sure where the pattern is from but Val you did an amazing job on it!

A big basket of yummyness (I don't care if thats not a word hehehe it fits)

Heres Val, my Mum Lesley and Emma who we put to work immediately! ;)

This is Dot Swoope (right) who brought in the first quilt top to the shop for show and tell, Dot made this amazing quilt at a workshop run by Val and taught by Sheena Chapman. This quilt is made without a pattern and is totally freeform! It is just stunning! Well Done Dot!

Here's the display with my patterns and samples. I must admit it brought a tear to my eye when I saw that my patterns where alongside my idols Melly & Me and books by amazing artists like Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and Material Obsession! Thanks Val!
If you want to contact Val, her shop number is 02 4455 4087 or check out her shop on ebay.

One last exciting piece of news, Val offered me a job! Now to decide, do you think I could cope with being around amazingly gorgeous fabrics, patterns and samples all day long and being able to sew when I'm not busy.... hmmmm such a tough decision ;)

Hugs Paula

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My clever Mummy! Get your shopping fingers ready :)

I have a very clever Mummy! She is my rock and is always there when I need a hand or advice or a shoulder to cry on, basically the best mum in the world. So Mum has been busily stitching and decided to give ebay a shot to sell some of her work.
 Heres Emma, the usual perfect super model, modelling one of mums gorgeous T-shirts. The shirts are pre-made, but mum has hand appliqued these gorgeous little cupcakes and Teddy Bears on them.
 It says 'My Little Cupcake'
 This one is my favourite! The teddy is just gorgeous and I love the ribbon on her head.
 These shirts are gorgeous too with the big ruffly (no idea how to spell that) neck. She has these varieties up to a size 2, but she has more coming so if you are after a bigger size, just let her know! Theres is also some cute Giraffe shirts for older kids.
 She also has these gorgeous book covers, that include the notebook too. Go and have a look at the pink one, I just might have to pinch that one ;) or at least get her to make me one hehehe hint hint mum!
And these are the coolest thing, if you know a card player they are an awesome gift! They are really good to help teach kids to hold their cards or for people with arthritis who have trouble holding their cards. We like using them too because you can easily put your hand face down and you don't have to keep faning your cards out every time you pick them up again.

Anyway if you want to have a look, this is Mums shop there is also some japanese friendship dolls and even a Magoo softie made by me :) So go and check out how clever my mum is! She is a perfectionist and you won't believe how cheap her prices are!

Hugs Paula

Oh I almost forgot, I have some awesome new stockists of my patterns, (check out their shops at the links on the left,) and one of them has just started a new swap, its for a zippy purse, so why not whip up one of my humbug bags and join in! Click on the picture and it will take you to the spot where you register. Hugs P

Saturday, December 4, 2010

To market we will go

So I decided that this little sewing habit of mine might actually be able to help pay for christmas :) With that in mind my gorgeous mum and I got busy and made up a heap of things to take to our local markets. Heres a few pics....and heres some of the other bits and pieces. I will also be listing some stuff on etsy, heres some of the bits I have at the moment. As a christmas special, check out my facebook page for a discount code to use in my etsy shop.
This is Lionel Lizard, the Camo Gecko :)
I love his little feet!
These little cuties are my Babys favourite toy! She can easily grab their legs and necks and just loves giving them a big chomp! :) She's a piranha! hehe

These are Dee Dee the Dolphins, Of course designed by Melly and Me. The green ones are made using Minky, soooo soft and yummy, My girls keep saying they hope they don't sell, so they can keep them. lol little do they know, mummy has some stashed away for christmas ;)
Have a great week :)
Hugs Paula xxx

Monday, September 7, 2009

I Love Happy Mail

A few days ago Jenny of Elefantz gave a plug to the shop Bella & Vintage My Credit Card will take a little while to forgive me! :)

My bonuses for renewing my Homespun and Quilters companion Magazines also arrive today. What a fantastic mail day!
I bought three gorgeous patterns and 8 yards of stunning fabric, I'm so excited and the packaging was just stunning! She even included a thank you card. I highly recommend you check out the website. Absolutely fantastic service and to receive your order gift wrapped is an awesome little surprise. With my Homespun renewal I recieved the Scisseroo scissors. I've been wanting them for ages, and a Ironing/Cutting mat, I've also wanted one of them for ages I'm one happy girl today!

Do you see the little Turtle on the cover of Homespun, how gorgeous is that! Just another project to add to the christmas list, my 3 year old will go nuts for him. His little legs and head both retreat into their shell! Just gorgeous!

Tommorow I will be giving you the new button for my BOM, Not too long now, just ...... more sleeps and all will be revealed! :)

I started this cutie yesterday and finished her up today. We have finally gotten a new bookshelf for all my magazines, so I 0f course started filling it up with my little stitchery's :)