Sunday, October 19, 2014

HQ Sweet Sixteen Sunday - Tension what is it and how do I fix

Tension... its like the swear word of quilting.

It has inspired many a cranky word in my house, thats for sure!

Today I wanted to do a video that talks about what Tension is and how to fix it. Adjusting the tension on your Sweet Sixteen is a little different to a regular sewing machine and so it can be a bit tricky to get your settings just right.

So after the 200th request (not really, but there was a lot) here is a video all about how to set up the Tension on your Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen.

I hope this takes some of the frustration out of setting your tension up!

Hugs Paula

If you can't the see video, just click here to go straight to YouTube to watch it:


  1. Brilliant Paula! This would have been so helpful to me on Sunday when I spent a number of hours struggling with top and bottom tension. What the video showed and the manual doesn't is how far the top tension knob can/should be turned. Many thanks. Georgie x

  2. Hi Paula, I have found that if I am sewing along just fine and it goes weird all of a sudden, sometimes it is not because the bobbin has wound unevenly, but what has happened for me is that the thread on the bobbin has escaped from the side clip on the bobbin case. I can usually hear the change in the machine as soon as this happens. So I have made this part of my troubleshooting routine as well, to check the thread is still held in the clip on the bobbin case. Great vid as always :)

    1. This is so true. It took me too long to figure that out. The fix for this is to tighten the bobbin so the thread can't slip out. So glad you brought this up.