Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My clever Mummy! Get your shopping fingers ready :)

I have a very clever Mummy! She is my rock and is always there when I need a hand or advice or a shoulder to cry on, basically the best mum in the world. So Mum has been busily stitching and decided to give ebay a shot to sell some of her work.
 Heres Emma, the usual perfect super model, modelling one of mums gorgeous T-shirts. The shirts are pre-made, but mum has hand appliqued these gorgeous little cupcakes and Teddy Bears on them.
 It says 'My Little Cupcake'
 This one is my favourite! The teddy is just gorgeous and I love the ribbon on her head.
 These shirts are gorgeous too with the big ruffly (no idea how to spell that) neck. She has these varieties up to a size 2, but she has more coming so if you are after a bigger size, just let her know! Theres is also some cute Giraffe shirts for older kids.
 She also has these gorgeous book covers, that include the notebook too. Go and have a look at the pink one, I just might have to pinch that one ;) or at least get her to make me one hehehe hint hint mum!
And these are the coolest thing, if you know a card player they are an awesome gift! They are really good to help teach kids to hold their cards or for people with arthritis who have trouble holding their cards. We like using them too because you can easily put your hand face down and you don't have to keep faning your cards out every time you pick them up again.

Anyway if you want to have a look, this is Mums shop there is also some japanese friendship dolls and even a Magoo softie made by me :) So go and check out how clever my mum is! She is a perfectionist and you won't believe how cheap her prices are!

Hugs Paula

Oh I almost forgot, I have some awesome new stockists of my patterns, (check out their shops at the links on the left,) and one of them has just started a new swap, its for a zippy purse, so why not whip up one of my humbug bags and join in! Click on the picture and it will take you to the spot where you register. Hugs P

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