Monday, September 17, 2012

Batemans Bay Quilt Show

This weekend was the Biannual Quilt Show for the Batemans Bay area and I spent the whole weekend working on the My Patch Fabrics stand. It was a really great weekend! There was some beautiful Quilts on show and after I forgot my camera for the 3rd day running, I decided that the iphone would have to do...
So first up is the peoples choice quilt from Day 1. The photo doesn't do this quilt justice, it was very unique and fun!
 This was one of my favourites, using some really stunning Batiks.
 Even though I love Modern quilts, I still appreciate traditional quilts, this one was gorgeous!
 These wallhangings were hand painted and were totally stunning, the pictures don't pic up the shine and glow of these beauties! This was the peoples choice of Wallhanging for Day 2.

 This photo is terrible, but it was a very cute wallhanging!
 This was the quilt I spent all weekend looking at :) Such a cutie!!
 But for me, the highlight was these Mosaic Quilts, made by Sammy Gaskill!
 Sammy's portrait was of course people's choice on Day 1.
 And finally, I know this is not the most difficult and technical of quilts, but I think it was my favourite! I just love the idea of looking through the garden window :)
Hugs Paula

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