Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Mushrooms, embroidered christmas Decorations

After posting the link for the little mushroom house pin cushion / decorations I thought I should show you my effort. Isn't it cute! and So much fun to make!
I made this one in my hospital bed between physio and all the other that you endure in hospital and it only took me 1 day, so really easy too!

I must admit, Mum did do the machine stitching for me. I have brought up most of my stitching equipment, but I think the nurses would be a bit miffed if I brought in my trusty Janome. :)
Ooh I wanted to mention too , the hexagon I showed you the other day, and again above, was actually designed by Gail Pan, who is amazingly talented! Check out her blog for some free patterns, just beautiful. She's offering a free BOM. Don't miss out it's stunning!
I just checked Gails Blog to get the link for you and I see that she is releasing a book! I'm very excited, I have been a fan of her work for quite sometime, Check out the cover here!

I also forgot to tell you that I gave my sister my credit card yesterday and asked her to go and buy me a decent camera, I'm sick of the quality of photography I've been subjecting you to. This is what she came back with! As you can see from the above photos, I've been having fun playing, but I really should get the manual out and read it. hehe.
I've been going on about being in hospital, so I thought I'd better show you why. This is a picture of my brace that is on my leg. It is worth $26,000 AUD would you believe! It is to support my knee while it heals. You can find the full store here. It will be left on for at least 6 wekks and as long as our prayers work and I don't get an infection will be on for up to 3 months. The surgeon says I will probably never work again, but hopefully my knee will be more stable. All I want is for it to be strong enough for me to be able to take my kids to the beach next summer. Thats my goal! Anyway, this has got to be my longest post ever, but I wanted to show you a picture of my DH and my baby boy, this is one of the first pics I took with my new camera.
Anyway it is getting late, so I best turn off the light before the nurses start giving me funny looks. :) The other night when I was still stitching together my hexagon at midnight I was getting some very interesting looks from the night staff, wondering what on earth I was doing. hehe


  1. Just found your blog and was reading about your knee and your surgery, and I want to thank you for posting this, my son has a knee that the orthopedic surgery won't operate on, says there is nothing he can do, but reading your story, there is something he can do, so I am printing it out for my son to show to the doctor and his insurance company to see if they can find a specialist like your's to help him get this knee fixed.

  2. Hi Barbara, I tried to contact you but you don't have a profile. If you read this please email, I'd like to help get things moving for your son if I can. Where do you live? If you are in NSW I could give you my surgeons contact details. Hugs Paula

  3. Oh Paula, I love the mushroom! Such pretty decorative stitching!

    I hope your knee is healing - at least you can get some quality embroidering time in while you recover - I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Sam xoxo (thanks for your nice comment on my sunnysidey flickr)

  4. That's a cute mushroom pin cushion you made. My wife is into sewing, and I think she'll love your project. I hope you get better soon, Paula.T