Friday, October 16, 2009

New Flickr Site

I have been very slack lately with my blog I'm sorry. Since coming home from hospital I have just been enjoying being with my Cherubs.

Anyway, I have set up a Flickr site, because a few of my loyal readers have been showing me what they are doing with my designs. I can't tell you how much this excites me to see that people have liked my little drawings enough to print them out and actually stitch them up! Or better still, have spent a few hard earned dollars and actually bought one of my patterns.
If you have used any of my pattern I'd love you to put a pic up on the flickr site.

Maggi of To dream to stitch has been very busy and has whipped up these little beauties!Maggi has an awesome blog and is very inspiring, so check it out!

Don't forget a new design will be available for you on the Among the gum trees blog on Monday. Have you made the first 2 yet? Judith and Joy did such a great job on their designs didn't they!

Anyway I must go, the girls have to go to dancing lessons and I have missed so many of their classes that I really want to go with them today, so remember if you have made any of my designs I'd love for you to put them up on my Flickr site, or just email them through to me and I will do it for you.


  1. Paula, you've been in hospital for awhile, and you need to enjoy being home!!!
    I love the idea of a flickr site for your designs. I have my little owls printed and need to trace them onto fabric. I need more hours....

  2. You really shouldn't feel the need to apologise for not blogging. health and family are the most important things for you right now.

    Thanks for showing my pictures and for your kind words about my blog.