Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some questions for you...

Well what a surprise I got the other day when a beautiful email found its way to my inbox. It constantly amazes me that I can sit here in my little house with my comfy little quilt over my knees (yes really :)) and have people from all over the world buy my patterns and then love them so much that they change them to suit themselves!
Jutta from Germany made these awesome Tea Cup Carriers. I just love the way she changed the second one. That African fabric is just stunning! Don't you love it!
What Have I been up to? Well even though I have been really quiet on my blog, I have been tearing my hair out trying to get my to do list done. I have 2 advent swaps to get finished, a pattern to write for my free pattern for the Gum Tree designers blog and I have been commissioned to do lots of projects for Express Publications. They are the makers of Handmade magazine, Patchwork and stitching magazine and Country Threads among many others.
I am so excited and can't wait to see my first project published in the Handmade issue that hits the stands in December. Keep an eye out for it.
What else have I been doing, well I am about to start on the free projects that my sisters from under the Gum trees have offered so far. I think I will make two of each so I can give them in my advent swap, I've also been drawing a few new things for the magazines and wishing my voice would come back :) I lost my voice a few days ago and actually its not been too bad. I haven't got the head cold, just no voice, so I have been able to sit down and get some stitching done. Unfortunately it is all secret at the moment so no pictures just yet. :) sorry hehe
A few questions for you:
What are you up to at the moment?
I'd love to know what you like to receive in your advent swap... do you like all handmade stuff or supplies or chocolate? This is my first advent swap as part of the Australian Yahoo group SCQIS... so I'm a bit nervous and want to get it just right.
till next time, hugs P xxx


  1. That teacup carrier is so pretty - I really love those African fabrics!
    Sounds like you are incredibly busy - congrats on all the projects for the magazines! That is awesome. I've been busy working on Jenny's garden stitcheries and not much else - my oldest has swine flu so I stitch between monitoring his temp. I have all the Gum Tree designs printed off, and Life's a Hoot as well, and am dying to get started on those. I hope you don't get the head cold, and that you recover your voice quickly!
    I've never done a swap like that, only the hug swap, so I have no clue...but I imagine any of those would be welcome.
    Feel better Paula!

  2. Another one with no voice! Glad its not accompanied with that nasty headcold, but take care of yourself so it gets better. How exciting to have so many things on the go - can't wait to see what you're working on in secret at the moment. Sorry, I'm no help with the Advent swap, having never participated in one, but everything you mention would be most welcome at my house!

  3. I can see how busy you are ! Good luck with all of the projects! I have been trying to finish UFOS and I am down to two.

  4. The teacup carrier is beautiful! It must be very nice to hear how others are enjoying your designs.

    Congratulations on the magazine deals! What a great accomplishment.

    For the advent swap...I have not done an advent swap but have made them for our kids and grandkids before. My suggestion is some form of candy/chocolate and a couple ornaments both handmade and store bought. Plus, see if you can include something that will remind the person of you. It might also be fun to include something funny or quirky to make your partner smile. I'm sure that whatever you include your partner will be thrilled!

  5. Well, darlin' you know me...Belgian chocolate every time. These days with a straw. ;-)