Monday, December 6, 2010

My first Favourite things free tutorial list!

I spend all this time searching for tutorials and find so many I like, so of course I bookmark them, but then I can never remember what the bookmarks are, so I decided that I would do up a list of some of my favourite tuts with pics. I will be doing this regularly from now on, so check back if, like me you are a tutorial fan!

My first favourite things list is of gorgeous decorations and christmassy things.

First up is this awesome take on an old paper folding technique: This one is done using felt,but I made up my own using fabric. If you want me to do up a tut, let me know and I'll tell you how I did it.

Next up is the wonderful Gail Pan, she has about 9 of these wreath type embroideries on her blog. My embroidery group did up a charity quilt using these stitcheries, but we did them in Hexagons.
This was my Hexi that I did after my last knee recon.

Gail also has this super cute stitchery pattern for free.

I've wanted to make a tree skirt for years but just never get to it, this one is cute and uses up scraps! I've got plenty of them, so this goes on my list :)

Here's one I thought the kids could help with. How cool would it look instead of tinsel, (I'm not a big fan of tinsel on my tree) or as a garland with chrissy cards hanging on it.
Next up is somepaper projects. These would look equally good in felt though, or by fusing fabric together.
How cute is this basket! I think it would look great with little choccys or nuts in it, or evenas an easter project. This project is at the bottom of the last tutorial, so just scan down to the bottom.
How effective do these look! Maybe a set of 3 of these will be my centre piece this year.
These are so cute! They are so Me! I love the idea of having a new colour scheme. So why not citrus! Very Australian I think. After all, Snowmen wouldn't last 5 minutes in my yard at christmas, and anyone in mittens would be classed as a fruit loop in my neighbourhood hehe.

And finally, my absolute favourite blog of all time! Sewmamasew has a list every year with heaps of free tutorials evey day in November! Grab a cuppa thoughbecause you could be there for a few hours! Then once you've gotten through this years list theres always the 3 previous years lists :) Like I said, you'll be there for hours! :)

Oh and I nearly forgot, here's one of my own. These are my favourite christmas treats! Apricot balls! You can also make up the mix and spread it out in a slice tray and drizzle them with chocolate. Yum! and less time consuming than rolling up all the balls.

Well thats it for now, but I'll be back over the coming weeks as I find more tuts and make up more of my favourite things lists.
Don't forget my christmas giveaway too, look at the last post for details.
Hugs Paula
Oh and leave me a note if there is anything that you want me to look for in particular for you? I loooove reading comments and like a puppy, I respond very well to praise ;)


  1. Hi Paula
    I save tutorials too. I have a lovely list of 'someday' projects. My current favorite tutorial is from the NotMartha blog where she makes tiny gingerbread houses which perch on coffee mugs. Gorgeous. If I can get my act together, I will be making these things for my guests on Christmas Eve.
    Merry Christmas....and thanks for the list. You're my kind of quilter.

  2. Wow what energy you have and good ideas! I hope your Christmas is a great one!

  3. Hi Paula...could you pleaase send or post your recipe for the Apricot Balls...I know I have one somewhere but cannot find it...thanks have a lovely xmas

  4. Hi Linda, If you just click on the picture of the apricot balls you will be taken to the post I did with the recipe, beware though, they are addictive! The same goes for all the other tutorials, just click on the pictures and you will find them. Hugs Paula