Saturday, March 14, 2009

Apricot Balls

My mum was heading off on her annual quilting trip today and of course ran out of time to get everything done, so when she called all stressed out I offered to whip up some of my favourite Apricot balls so could cross at least one job off her list. (Looking for a good Daughter award hehe)

Here's a recipe I made up after trying hundreds and combining my favourite bits....

1 packet 250grams Scotch finger biscuits
1 1/2 cups coconut
About 1 cup Dried Apricots
125 grams Butter
1 tin condensed milk
Extra coconut

I start by melting the butter and condensed milk in a glass bowl in the microwave. (I tried doing this on the stove once and burnt it so badly I was cleaning the saucepan for hours!)

Using a whirly giga (food processer), crush you biscuits into fine crumbs and tip them into a mixing bowl.
Next whirly gig your Apricots into small bits, it's most important to test your ingredients as you go! ;)

Make sure you taste test, I can't guarentee my recipe will work if you don't pinch at least 1 apricot and a bit of broken biscuit! ;)

Add your Apricots and coconut to the mixing bowl and mix up before pouring in the butter and milk mix. Give it all a good mix and once again test for taste! hehe

Take out about a teaspoon full and roll it into balls. Give it a roll through the extra coconut and wack it on a tray. When your finished rolling, taste test at least 1... you did all the work, you deserve it. Put the tray in the fridge and let them set for a half hour or so. Then pack them up in a box and hide them at the back of the fridge so noone else knows they are there and sneek them out when you sit down to read some blogs!

Mixture makes approximately 60 balls after taste testing!

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  1. Yummm. Looking foreward to trying these ones out. And hiding them from the kids LOL.