Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My 2 new patterns available soon and a giveaway!

I'm so ridiculously excited :) I have finally finished my next two patterns and they are being printed as I type. Yeah!

As you may have guessed I'm a huge fan of the Sweetwater girls, I love love love their fabrics and purely out of coincidence I have made up my first new pattern using 2 of their ranges. 'Pure and Sunkissed'

This is my first quilt pattern and I'm so proud of it! It is call the 'Love is all around' Quilt. This quilt is designed for every mum or grandmother who I have heard say "They just grow so quick!" I wanted to design a quilt that was fun and cute for a baby, but was still suitable for a toddler, teen and even adult, so this was what I came up with.
 This is the boy version and is a cot quilt size, but is easily 'upsized' by increasing the size of the blocks! I used 2 Charm packs for this quilt, but you could easily make it with 2 layer cakes for a huge quilt!

I also designed a girl version and decided to make this one in just 2 colours, I really love how this one came out and as we backed it with flannel this quilt is soooo cuddly!
The 'Love is all around quilt pattern' will be available from Pattern Press and your favourite quilt shops in the next week, depending on the volcanos and how it affects distribution.

My second new pattern is just so much fun! My kids love to count down to everything! They countdown to Christmas of course, Easter and birthdays, so I decided to design some toys that make counting down so much fun!
So here it is, the 'How Many Sleeps - Countdown Cubes' Pattern.
 First up of course who doesn't count how many sleeps there is until their Birthday? ;)
 And of course Christmas,
 Heres the Easter block with a cute little egg with bunny ears!
 I love the Halloween block, but for those of us who are very patriotic, I'll be putting up a free design for Australia Day soon, so if you don't celebrate Halloween you can just replace this block with the free Australia Day block.
 Its always fun to count down to holiday time,
 And finally the ultimate countdown is to the New Year!
As well as being fun, these blocks are really educational, teaching kids number recognition and how to count backwards.
I'm also really excited about the 'How many sleeps - Countdown Cubes' because they are my first pattern that will include iron on transfers of the embroidery designs. How cool is that!!

To celebrate I think we need to have a giveway!, So if you would like to win a copy of either of my new patterns, just leave me a message on this post and I will draw a winner when I get back from the Trade show in Sydney next friday the 24th of June at 9am. Don't forget to tell your friends! If we get lots of entries I might give away some of my other patterns too! So tell everyone you know :)

A huge thanks goes to my Mum, Lesley! Without her, neither of these patterns would have been finished! She is so amazing, her embroidery skills are out of this world, and is always quick to offer her 'unpicking skills' when I make a boo boo ;)
She also helped piece the quilts and did a fantastic job of quilting them too. So Thank you Nan, Your the best! Check out her ebay shop for gorgeous Batiks!

I hope you love my new designs as much as I do!! Remember to ask your favourite quilt or fabric shop to order in my patterns from Pattern Press.

Hugs Paula


  1. My Paula you have been very very busy!!! Glad to have met up with you at the shop last week....Please count me in your giveaway...and have fun at the show...Dzintra

  2. Congrats, they are stunning, as a lover of circles (i put one somewhere on every quilt i make) I thank you for a great design eye that you have! cheers

  3. Congratulations Paula, I loooove the new quilt pattern!!!
    I still have your parcel here so don't panic, I am trying to fill it up!!!
    Best of luck at the Trade Fair!!

  4. Great quilt pattern and love the idea of the countdown blocks!

  5. Oh those blocks are fantastic, and with our first grandie on the way a perfect gift for the new mum to be. Thanks for being creative and sharing with us not so creative ones.

  6. You've hit the nail on the head for my boys, they count everything. And also ask constantly how many day til... My youngest amuses me with his saying of "after this midnight..." his version of tomorrow. Enjoying seeing your designs as they are released

  7. congratulations on those great patterns.
    Thanks so much for the chance in your give away.
    The love is around pattern is awesome for a little girl.

  8. Great patterns! Congratulations :) That quilt is so gorgeous, and what a great idea for the blocks.

  9. Love the circle quilt pattern as others have. Think the blocks are a great idea too.

  10. Hi Paula,

    The cubes are a fantastic and very versatile pattern...love the little people quilts too :0
    Hugs, Sharon

  11. Hi Paula
    Love the patterns....I think it's time for me to start something new! Fun. Count me in!

  12. Congratulations on the new patterns. I love the boys and girls quilts. They are lovely. The blocks are gorgeous too!

  13. Lovely patterns. My DD8 would love the "Love Heart" quilt. Wishing you all the best with the launch of your new patterns.

  14. I love the two quilt patterns! especially the boy one!!

  15. Gorgeous patterns. Love the little boy one and the cubes a great fun. Hope the trade show is a huge success for you. I am off to the quilt show as well.

  16. Nej hvor er dine mønstre søde, jeg ville elske at være heldig og modtage post fra dig.
    Held og lykke i fremtiden og tak for din gave - tillykke til den heldige (hvis det ikke bliver mig).

  17. Both of these are KEEPER! I'll just have to look for someone in USA that carries your patterns as i'm not very lucky! Thanks for the chance

  18. Wow I just found you via sweetwater! These are seriously cute. I'm in the usa and that is what I always told my kiddos: just ## sleeps til.... GREAT!
    do you have a pdf of your patterns to buy? that would be great!

  19. Hello Paula,

    Good luck at the trade show, love the quilt patterns.
    Happy days.

  20. i love your count down cubes, they are just so dawgone cute! they would be perfect for my little Connor. he loves to stack things, change the numbers on his advent calendar, and send things down his little slide. please count me in, and thank you for this great opportunity!