Monday, July 23, 2012

Free Owl Embroidery Designs

I have finally found a day to have a Huge revamp of my blog, I hope you like it :)

As a part of the revamp I have added some pages at the top of the blog, see them up there ^

So on the pages I added are a page full of my Paper Patterns that you can buy direct from me, my PDF patterns that I would email to you if you wish to buy one and a page of my free embroidery designs.

Theres are a few of the free designs!
 I love adding Quotes to my embroidery's but you don't need to, just leave them off...

You could turn them into something like this...

and as an added bonus I have decided to give you the instructions on how to make this design for free! So just click here for the PDF

As always my free tutorials are over on the right hand side, so why don't you stick around for awhile and explore :)

Hugs Paula


  1. lovely designs Paula...thanks so's very generous of you
    Wendy :O)

  2. Thank you for the patterns, I love owls.I have just found your site and will certainly be back to look again.I came via One day In May.

  3. Love you blog!! I popped over via your facebook post! Looking forward to trying some of your patterns! Melissa (

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