Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finally some nice cushions!

OK, so I'll apologise first up for the quality of my pictures, but I left my good camera at work (I new there was something I forgot today).

But I was so excited about my new cushions that I had to share immediately :)

I've only made about 1000 cushions at work and so I decided it was time for me to have some at home.
My whole family are Parramatta Eels fans, I know thats not something to brag about ;) but there was no way I was going to buy a Parramatta bed spread so I compromised with blue and yellow cushions ;)

The yellow is Amy Butlers Lark and the blue cushions are a new linen we just got in at My Patch, not sure of the designer but if you need to know just email me and I will let you know :)

 On my bed I chose to use the Prints Charming Prints, this picture is terrible and the colours are all wrong, but I'm loving my bed!


 You may remember my Dad is suffering with Leukemia and he's been doing it tough the last few months with some complications so a visit with his grandkids was definately in order.

The day before we left Tocumwal there was a local market and an antique tractor/car parade. The first Tractor was a steam powered plow. My little man was totally mesmerised and was not interested in any of the other cars, he just wanted to follow the tractor up the street.
He was soooo excited when the owner said we could put him in the drivers seat for a picture! He was the only one who was allowed to get up there :)
 He even got to blow the whistle!! Every 4 year olds dream ;)

Ooh just remembered he's wearing the jacket I made him, its a Make It Perfect pattern and I lined it with flannel, very cosie and warm! The sun was shining but the mornings were -4 degrees, brrrrr

 You never know what your going to see in a little country town hahahaha so cute!
More pictures to come when I get my camera back ;)

Hugs Paula

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