Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Left over's quilt

Here is a UFO I started just after my fall (see the wheelchair). Mum came down to Melbourne to help us out and also helped me stitch up this little beauty. It is made up totally out of leftovers from a cot quilt I did and a bit of calico. All I had to buy was the batting. Isn't it annoying how some patterns completely overestimate how much fabric you will need (I still had some fabric left over). Anyway for the calico borders I have since cut out butterfly's and flowers to applique on to it and I made up little pictures to embroider in the calico squares from the original quilts panel. Does that make sense? I think I'll have to take a pic of the original quilt. Better yet here's the pattern of the original. I made the black one. There is some lovely free patterns available here too.
This pattern was from one of my favourite editions of Patchwork and Stitching. The magazine quilt was made with fairys, but at the time I was in brights mode.

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