Monday, September 21, 2009

Melvins New Friends

I have had a non stop day today of sewing! I'm heading back to hospital in a week or so and I wanted to make my kids some toys to cuddle while I'm away. I have to go to hospital in Sydney to see the only specialist who is game to operate on me. I saw a number of other specialists, but they didn't have the confidence to be able to handle my injury. Anyway, last time I was only supposed to be away for 5 nights, and ended up being away for 5 weeks.
Anyway, thats all fine, I'm actually looking forward to this surgery because it means I am getting my leg brace taken out, so this is a good one. Then it's the hard work of learning to walk again.
On to happier things, here are the baby's I made for my Baby's. Once again they are from the Kaleidoscope book by Melly and Me. You can find their links a few posts down about Melvin.
So without further ado, I introduce Bubbles the Unicorn...And Bella Boo the bunny rabbit... She still needs a flower in her hair and a pretty dress, but I'll get there :)
I wanted to offer a tip, you probably already know this, but I like quilting because you can make beautiful things without having to use patterns. I like being given a measurement and being able to cut it out with a rotary cutter and ruler. So when I was supposed to cut out template plastic for the patterns for these toys I though, I need to find another way. So I got out my freezer paper and traced the patterns and then ironed them onto my chosen fabric. It made life soooo much easier! I could move the pattern and fabric around without worrying about moving the pattern and messing it up. I can also use the paper again, and it is so much cheaper than template plastic. So here they are together, Bella Boo and Bubbles :)
Aren't they just adorable!


  1. They are super cute - Your kids are very lucky to have such a talented mummy ! XXXXX

  2. I love the the fabric you used for both cuddly annimals. The kids will enjoy them so much and they will know you lover them every time they cuddle there unicorn of rabbit.

  3. Paula they're sooo cute!!! I'm totally in love with Bella Bunny ... she's adorable!! You're such a clever Mummy, I bet your little ones are over the moon with their new friends ;o).
    Big hugs,
    Joy :o)

  4. Well, they made me smile....I'm thinking the kids will smile too....wonderful!!


  5. Wow! Totally adorable! I thought Melvin was cute, and they just keep getting cuter. I'm sure the kids will love them. Best wishes for a speedy recovery :-)


  6. I love your babies' babies, Paula! Gosh you work so quick sweetie! :-)

    I'm sure your little ones are ecstatic!
    Vikki xo

  7. Cute babies, for your babies. They are so lucky.
    Good luck with the surgery.

  8. Your babies are precious and lots of hugs are in store for them.
    I hope all goes well for you and that you're home with your babies soon.


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    Best regards,

  10. Please now that I am keeping you in my prayers and hope that you're on your way to a speedy recovery!!!

  11. The fabric for Bubbles is gorgeous....couldn't see him in anything else!!!!
    You've done a magnificent job,, for that leg to heal as quickly as you sew!!!
    Best wishes ;o) Wendy B

  12. I dont understand what you were saying about the freezer paper - could you elaborate? :)

    Many thanks


  13. Those are adorable!!! I love your tip about the freezer paper, I use it all the time for quilting, never thought of using it for patterns!

    I'm saying a prayer about your surgery!

  14. I just love Belle boo and Bubbles--and your "babies" will too--you are so loving to your family--thanks for being that way--happy stitching--Hugs, just, di

  15. Hola Paula!!!
    Los muñequitos son realmente adorables y más si los hicieron tus manos...
    De corazón te deseo mucha suerte con tu cirugía...
    Queremos que vuelvas pronto!!!

  16. They all look so adorable Paula :) That is a good tip about the freezer paper :) hugs Vicki

  17. They are fabulous ! All the best wishes for your treatment , hope all goes well .

  18. Those "babies' are adorable...very cuddly-looking. Best wishes for your surgery and a quick recovery.

    Lots of hugs :)

  19. You have been busy - they sure are too cute for words. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  20. Just 'THE' perfect cuddlies for your Babies... Hope all goes well with your surgery & recovery.

  21. Love this blog. I'm now following your blog and have set up Gum Tree Designers with a link on my blog. You are all awesome. Thank you for all your sites. Please enter me in your drawing!
    Gramma Fluff

  22. I am slowly getting posting my comments and becoming a follower for "among the gumtrees", What a great idea and such a talented group of ladies. I am going to sit down and read all the blogs, you ladies are so inspirational.


  23. Love your toys Sure the children will love good luck with your surgery.
    Hugs Mary.

  24. Bella Boo and Bubbles are great and thanks for the tip about the freezer paper. Hope the visit to the specialist goes well.

  25. Thank you soooooo much for letting me know about your creations!! I am so glad that you have been enjoying my book and I simply ADORE what you have made from its pages! I am sure that each and every creation is loved to bits! Thanks again and enjoy!!