Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Over 110 Followers and Vicki's Giveaway

I am filled with an overwelming sense of gratitude! I have more than doubled the amount of people who are now following my blog! I don't even mind that I had to bribe you to do it. hahaha

Katrina was my 110th visitor, that meant that I had double the amount of followers since the Launch of Among the gum trees. I don't think any of us nutters (is that the correct english, my dad would be horrified hehe) expected this reaction! It is simply incredible, so I felt so happy that I sent Katrina a copy of my Busy Bees Tea Cut Carrier PDF. I sell it in my Etsy store and it has been quite popular, so I hope she like it.

Onto the other exciting news of the day, have you been to look at my fellow nutters blogs? I will be telling you about each and every one of them every couple of days, so don't think you have to enter each one today, we are giving you until the 30th of September to get your entries in and the winners will be drawn on the 1st.

Today I would like to tell you about Vicki's Giveaway over at Tozz's Corner!

She is being very generous and is offering a huge pile of prizes. You could win 5 beautiful FQ's, and a christmas table mat that sounds unreal! Vicki made it with cinnamon inside, so when you put a warm casserole on it, you get the lovely scent through your home, how good does that sound. You'll also recieve a pin cushion that Vicki made. To top it all off you will receive 2 Aussie magazines, one of them is the cushions and bags collection, I have that one myself I have made two of the bags in it, so trust me you won't be disappointed!

So thats it for me tonight, I hope you have had as much fun as we have over the last few days and keep coming back for more!


  1. I am visiting all the blogs. It is great to have found you all as they are all blogs worth following - without the bribes!

  2. I love visiting you guys....bribe or not!!!! Anyway, I prefer to call it.....a prompt!!! hehehe
    ;o) Wendy B

  3. Foundyour blog today and I like it!

  4. Love your blog. I don't have time to visit all the blogs today, will continue tomorrow.

  5. You are so sweet, to give nr 110 such a nice present! Love your blog, i was here a few ours ago for the give a way but wanted more time for your blog, so I am back to reed more about the BOM and to look at alle the beautiful things you have made

  6. I'm not suprised - you all are so talented! This is such fun. As soon as I saw Jenny's post, I started following everyone - couldn't hit the keys fast enough, lol. Even without the give-aways, I feel like a winner, just to get to know you all!

  7. I just love what you have chosen for a giveaway - please count me in!

  8. So glad you have so many new visitors to follow you, most of the 'nutters' are blogs I already had followed, and they are fantastic designers, so glad you grouped together, best of luck to each of you.

  9. How wonderful and exciting to have so many followers. I wish you all the best now I have found you.

  10. I am in love with your little Tea Carrier Bag, so very cute

  11. Nutters is the perfect word for you :) That little tea carrier bag is so cute. A little different from those coffemug bags I use to make. Love it.

  12. You bet I like your tea cup carrier!
    How could you doubt that?
    I can´t thank you enough I feel honored and blessed.