Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sewing time with Melly and Me

The last week and a bit has been so hectic trying to get everything ready for the launch of 'Among the Gumtrees' that it was really nice to slow down today and get a bit of sewing done!

I bought Melly & Me's new book Kaleidoscope when it first came out some months ago and have been dying to make my little man the adorable 'Melvin the Moose'. I haven't quite finished him yet, so he is still 'noodie rudie' and is in need of some little overalls.

I will get to them tomorow I hope, my hubby and I are still argueing about whether to give him Red overalls (my choice and very cute) or Denim overalls with red patches, any suggestions? Anyway I thought I'd give you a sneek peak. (sorry about the pics, but it's late here in Aus)

This is the first softie I have ever made, so he's not totally perfect and I really learned the value of clipping those curves, but I'm really happy with him. I can see my little man walking around dragging him by his antlers. :) By the way my LM is very small for his age, so Melvin is pretty much the same height as him heheheMelly and Me have just released a new pattern for Leon the Lion, He is so cute and my niece is totally obsessed with The Lion King after seeing the stage show in America earlier this year. So with her birthday coming up next month I think Leon is my next softie project :)

No 1. neice is having a simba party for her 3rd birthday, Any ideas for party games would be most welcome :)

Till tomorow when I will tell you about another giveaway from one of my fellow nutters, Nighty Night.

UPDATE: By the look of a few comments I mustn't have made it very clear that Leon the Lion is a pattern by Melly and Me and I have just ordered it from Fabric Patch

Also Hubby is very disappointed that there are not more votes for Denim :) He thinks you guys are bias and is considering banning me from blogging. As if he ever could hehe.


  1. He is gorgeous - I think red overalls for sure :)

  2. I just love Melvin but I am moose obsessed. I like the idea of denim with red patches - there you go, two comments and no agreement!

  3. He's so cute your LM will love him .

  4. Here's the decider he he he .... I reckon red overalls would look fabulous!! He's just adorable Paula you've done a terrific job!!! Your LM is going to adore him!!
    Love n hugs
    "Ethel" ;o)

  5. I love your goose! And I reckon red overalls would be great. You can always get him a second pair. After all, your kids have more than one outfit too, don't they?
    I fell in love with Leon too. He is so cute. I made Magoo, the monkey, loved the pattern and plan to make some more!

  6. I have to go with the hubby on this one! I totally vote for denim overalls with red patches!!! You did a great job on him!

  7. LOL!!!!! I think red too. Sorry hubby! These are so darling - I love their patterns. No help with the party here, my brain isn't at all creative like that - we always just did beach parties for my boys.

  8. No definately red I'm afraid. It's my favourite colour so I'm probably a bit biased. Nothing cuter than overalls though! You have done such a great job of him, he's going to be well loved I'm sure. And the lion is also very cute.

  9. Ok, late with a vote, but my vote goes with the denim, and not just to please hubby and stay on his good side, grin. Boy moose, give him boy pants, you won't catch a man from 2 to 90 wearing red pants, grin.

  10. Sorry to your esteemed other half but I have to say Red, Red or Red.

  11. Yes. red overalls for sure!
    As Jantine said make him two overalls ...problem solved!
    Julia ♥

  12. I'm with the majority. "RED" would look snazzy. Well done on your first softy!....
    HUgs and Blessings 'Freda' x x x

  13. Cute moose! I hope you sewed the antlers on very carefully if your little one is going to drag him around.
    Denim would also be my choice!

  14. I pick the denim. He's a boy and it would be good on him.

  15. Your critters are adorable! I have become a follower of the Gum Tree Designers and am also a follower of your delightful Blog. I can't wait to see what delightful creations you 9 ladies come up with.

    Namaste - Terri at the Drake's Nest in fallish Ossineke, Michigan

  16. Sorry Paula, but I have to go with your hubbie's idea....denim with red patches...I'm thinking the blue matches with some red to highlight as there's no red anywhere else (???) As for your first attempt.....bewdiful!!!!
    ;o) Wendy B