Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Baby fun!

I have been having such fun in my new sewing room!

Its an incredible mess with stuff everywhere, but I can wheel myself around and get to everything that I need. It's so great to be able to just walk in or out whenever inspiration strikes.

Thats what happened this morning, being 38 weeks pregnant I haven't been sleeping much and so when I was lying there trying to sleep this morning I decided that I wanted to add some applique to the white t-shirts that I bought for baby Emma. I also decided that I needed some pants to go with it. So when I got up, this is what happened.....

I am soooooo happy with them! It is the first time I have made my own pattern and have it be successful. Yeah!!

The pants are simple elastic waist pants and I'll have to wait till Baby Emmas arrival to see how they fit, but they measured up to a 000-00 next to some of the 'store bought' pants we have.
I sent a picture of them off to Victoria Thorpe the editor of my favourite magazine 'Handmade Magazine' and she loves them and wants to publish them in the Kids Issue thats coming up in a few months time! How exciting!!
I made some little sandals to go with them, but I'm not too sure about them. They are pretty cute, but need a bit of refining I think. (I'm not game to show you a pic yet :)

On the baby front, Emma may be making an earlier appearance than expected. I went for a check up yesterday and for some reason my blood pressure was through the roof (147 / 98). I had pre-eclampsia with both my other girls so she may have to be born earlier than next Friday. Another check up tonight will see the Dr make a decition. So If I'm a little quiet in the next little while, I'm sure you'll understand why :)


  1. What a cute outfit. I can see why they will appear in the magazine.
    Wishing you all the very best for Emma's safe arrival into the world.

  2. Adorable outfit! Good luck with the upcoming event.

  3. That outfit is ADORABLE! Good for you. I hope everything is ok, I'm wishing all the best for you!

  4. Your little outfit is so cute.

    Hope all goes well with the arrival of Emma.

  5. Cute! Cute! Cute! Did I say Cute! yet??
    Love the outfit.
    Take care of yourself.....we're looking forward to seeing that lil' one but we want you safe!!