Friday, June 25, 2010

What should these become?

I gave you a sneek peak the other day of some more of my little tweeters and when I finished stitching them I thought I should give you another look.

My idea was to combine some old fashioned crewel type embroidery with applique in a new funky way. Then I threw in some pencil shading just for fun :)
The original plan was also to make this into the front panel of a bowling type bag to use for toiletries, but having finished the embroidery I'm not so sure.
Now I'm thinking a needle case or a book cover or something similar.
What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts....

On the baby front,my Blood pressure is still up, but we are trying to make it to 38 weeks so its bed rest for the next week. Ho Hum, lucky I have a comfy bed :)

Till next time,

Hugs Paula


  1. You be a good girl and stay in bed. You can do a little hand stitching.

    I think your little birds would look lovely as a needle case.

  2. Your birds look lovely - take all this relaxing while you still can- make them pamper you!!

  3. I love the stitching around the birds!! So cute!
    You stay in that bed and rest!!