Monday, January 10, 2011

Block Fail! :)

Have you ever saved a really special or favourite piece of fabric that you need just the right project for, then finally used it and had it backfire? lol
I had this gorgeous spotty fabric that I just loved!!! I only had 1 fat quarter left and so I didn't want to waste it. Then I thought I'd found the perfect project!
I was involved in a swap group last year and did a gorgeous block for one of the ladies. It was a kitten that I just fell in love with. She had such a gorgous personality. So when I started a new swap this month, I decided that I must redo this block for my baby girl.
What was the problem you ask? My delightful puddy cat has a severe case of the chicken pox! lol Big hugs Paula xxx
PS. I found the picture on a colouring in page here.


  1. you so much for the laughter!
    The kitten is mighty sweet :o)

  2. NAH MISS MOGGIE says she is just a beautiful individual cat like she is.
    Very cute.

  3. I love her and so will your baby girl. Thanks for the laugh!!!

  4. it's a really cute kitty!!

  5. Chicken pox just has to be better than cat flu! She looks great, I'm sure your little one will just love her.

  6. We have the chicken pox here so I think it's great! I wouldn't have thought of it if you hadn't mentioned it, I think she just looks cute.

  7. Didn't think of chicken pox just a cheeky pussy. She's lovely

  8. actually - the combination of the chicken pox fabric and the dopey looking smile on the cat makes it even better!
    btw ... it might not be chidken pox - could be hives or mozzie bites - LOL
    or ... dare I say? ... ringworm! ;-)