Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Melly and Me patterns!

I was absolutely elated recently to be offered the opportunity to test sew Mellys new 'Sew Little' patterns! As regular readers know, I am obsessed with Melly designs! She is also an amazing and lovely person. So I jumped at the chance to make not 1 but 2 of her newest creations!Jack absolutely looooves his Mini Mover! As you can tell he was very excited about his 'shirt' as he calls it :)Emma was not as impressed, but eventually she came around to being my perfect little super model lol.

Isn't Melly so clever!

Hugs Paula


  1. What two cute supermodels..... Melly's patterns are so cute..


  2. Your cute models are saying YES. Such gorgeous patterns, as are all of Mellys.