Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My supermodel!

OK so this is extremely self indulgent, but my baby girl was a model yesterday for my sisters business and she was sooo amazing I just have to share some of the pictures :)

You may remember my Emma from this picture :)
In these pictures Emma was barely 6 months old and she was a perfect model! She sat and posed for ages and was still happy right till the end of the shoot :) I'm sure her gorgeous face on the cover of my Sit Me Up Donut pattern is the reason it has been so popular :)
Well that was nothing! Yesterday my nearly 2 year old Emma was a perfect model for Cutie Bum Nappies! She had at least 10 costume changes over about 4 hours and she was still smiling! She did exactly what we asked every time! She only required a few marshmellows and Chocolate! Chocolate, Chocolate!! at the end as payment ;)

 How cute are these shoes!!!
 She really does have a Cutie Bum!!!
She even started posing in the end hahaha what a superstar!!

 Anyway these are just a sneek peak from the amazing photographer Bianca at Bianca Dopson Photography. She is an award winner amazing photographer who is based in our little town on the South Coast of NSW. Thank you soooo much Bianca!

My sisters website is currently being constructed (which is what these pictures are for) but you can see all of Jo's gorgeous products on ebay, or keep up to date on her Facebook page.

Isn't my baby just adorable!!!

Hugs Paula

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  1. She is very adorable, and you're right a cutie bum!! My husband and I are the same with our daughter, we love to pinch her cute little bottom, especially when she's running around the house in just her knickers!! Regarding the sit-me-up donut pattern, what is your position on making them for hobby sales?? I'm in the process of making one as a gift for a friend, but want to be prepared in case any requests come through. Looking forward to your response, Thanks, Meghan