Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter bunny grass

Ok so this is going to be picture heavy I'm sorry, but I finally worked out how to get a non blurry photo from my cheap as chips camera. I really need a new one.
Anyway, I saw Martha doing a similar thing and though this would be a fantastic tradition to start with the kids. A little patch of grass for the easter bunny to leave an egg or two on.
The problem was I didn't check the website for details and didn't hear that she used wheat grass seed not grass seed. Oh well hopefully it will still work.

So we grabbed together the neccessary items...

Two lids from old shoe boxes, 3 large plastic bags (see through is best), paper towel, a spray bottle, some cups and of course some seed (we used grass seed, but Martha suggests wheat grass seed)

I cut one of the bags in half so it would cover the shoe box, we didn't want soggy cardboard.

Then we layed a couple of sheets of paper towel on the plastic.

Then the fun begins, give the paper towel a good spray with the spray bottle.. (keep the camera clear! You need to be further away than you think.... those bottles can really get a good spray going! hehe)

Who doesn't love spraying?
Then we spread out a nice layer of grass seed on the wet paper towel.

You will have seed everywhere, next time I will do this outside! :)We put our lids into their little green house (the other plastic bag) and.....

Found a sunny spot to watch and wait...........

We will keep spraying every once in a while so they don't dry out....

gee I hope this works!!!


  1. hi, thanks to the link to the goth baby quilt, i'll pass it on to the others, make sure they see it. KM.

  2. I LOVE the picture of the kid in pink with the spray bottle!! What a great facial expression.

    Christine in Australia.