Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Tops

It's been a crazy Easter! I hope everyone was safe and happy. We took the kids to Ulladulla for the Easter parade on Easter Sunday and it was fantastic! Some very creative floats and the girls in their Easter Shirts looked just gorgeous. I had bought some easter chick and egg fabric from Ebay months ago to make some little Baskets, but of course everything else was more important and seeing as the girls woke up at 6am I had plenty of time (wink, wink) before we had to leave at 9.30am. So a little bit of cutting and a few quick seams, a bit of shirring and we were done! We decided that by adding a frill on the bottom each year we could count the years that they can wear them hehehe.

Once again sorry about the pic, DH took this while I was having the quickest shower in history and didn't know that the picture is actually taken a fraction of a second after the click sound, so unless you hold the camera super steady for a few seconds, it blurs like this. Anyway.... Check out the little chicks in their hair. Almost every float on the parade stopped and gave the girls a treat, they just looked so cute!

Apart from that Easter has been all about sewing for me, I have of course taken on way to many projects and was starting to stress about getting it all done, I have a project I'm doing for my mums 60th, but I can't talk about that yet just in case she finds her way here. That one needs to be finished in the next few weeks, Then I have a quilt planned for my Daughters 3rd birthday on the 5th of May (not even started, but I have all the fabric). I'm also doing a quilt for the Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazines 15th Birthday competition. The prize is a gorgeous Brother innovis sewing machine, which I desperately need after I tried to 'fix' my Husqvarna Orchidea and instead I totally trashed it! hehe oops. Time to take it to a professional I think. Anyway I've almost finished Jacks sensory quilt, I've finished the quilting and am just stitching the last 2 sides of the binding, so pics tommorow I hope.


  1. They looked gorgeous Aunty Paula!!! You are so clever. :)


  2. Beautiful girls. (your camera sounds like mine!!)
    Wow! what alot of projects. how do you keep up? You deserve a medal.