Friday, April 3, 2009

Puppy Quilt

All my other kids have a quilt so why not the dog (Charlie)?

My sister had put in a request for a quilt/mat for her poodle (Koda) to put in his bed, so I came up with this incredible easy quilt as you go quilt.

I had 2 Fat quarters (red with puppy footprints and red with white bones) and a strip of puppy novelty print. I also had a metre of fabric I had bought for my stash from spotlight when they had a sale, I think it was $3 a metre or something crazy like that. From that fabric and a bit of left over polyester batting I got 2 completed puppy mats.

I simply cut the 2 fat quarters into 4 even strips, it doesn't matter if they are all different sizes, it is actually better if they aren't even. I cut the novelty strip in 2 then worked out what order I wanted them in.

I layed the backing on my table wrong side up. I put a layer of polyester batting on top of that then pinned my first strip at the top, right side up. I then placed my 2nd strip on top of the 1st right sides together and stitched through all the layers with a generous quarter inch seam, in a typical QAYG fashion.

I then folded and ironed the 2nd strip down into its correct position and repeated with the rest of the rows. Just remember to turn your iron down a bit as the polyester tends to melt into a hard ball if your iron is to hot. (Learnt that the hard way) hehe

I kept stitching and ironing all the strips then simply trimmed the edges and bound it as normal. It was tight but I made the binding from the same fabric as the backing fabric and guess what, No leftovers or scraps! Yeah!

Koda and Charlie both love their mats, let me know what you think? I feel like I'm talking to myself most of the time.. :)


  1. Thankyou for following my blog and for your comment. I am very new to this and I accidentely deleted your comment, but I do thankyou for it. All your works are lovely and I look forward to seeing your scrappy quilt and the cushions you make for your adorable girls.

  2. Fun to read your blog and I love the doggy quilt. Yes, blogging can be lonely if you don't get any comments from time to time. But I guess we are really writing for ourselves too. A "Virtual Diary" I tell my friends.

    Do feel free to check our blog out too.