Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ladybugs are taking over!

Nan and I spent the day today making ladybugs for Chloes birthday. They are made with felt and have a little rice inside to weight them, We will be using them to play an old favourite, the ladybug toss. The kids will be trying to land their own ladybugs on some felt leaves. Very cute...
The big ladybug is sad because she's lost her spots, but if the kids can find a balloon to pop they might just find her spots... I wonder if they can have a spin and get them in the right spots even with a red and black spotty blindfold on?
The felt leaves will also come in handy for musical dancing ladybugs (musical chairs) and those nasty chalk spiders that are all over the front of the house will hopefully be washed out with waterbombs. As well as a little ladybug craft project and a red and black pass the parcel and a pinata to top it off, what a busy day we are in for!!!

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  1. Hehehe - how exciting!!! I can't wait!!!