Monday, June 15, 2009

Amy Butler Addict!

My name is Paula and I'm an Amy Butler addict! hehe

Seriously I love every single thing that I have ever seen from Amy (I like to think we are on a first name basis *BG*.)

As you may know I'm going into hospital so the doctors can hopefully fix my knee this time and so I decided rather than borrowing my hubbys footy bag again, I needed my own pretty case. So I got on line and bought Amy's Weekender Bag pattern (from Belsize square 'Awesome service') and came up with this....
Because the recovery will be quite yucky and we have to travel to Sydney (5 hour drive) Our girls will be visiting Poppa for a few weeks, So I needed a nice photo album to take with me. Once again, Amy to the rescue and I made this awesome photo book from her 'Amy Butler's little stitches for little ones' book.
I had some gorgeous Vera Bradley fabric that was just perfect! and It only took about 1 hour (sooo frustrating!) to get the Matilda's own ink jet printable fabric through the printer. But I got the whole thing done in a day, so I was really happy with it. What do you think?

Amy's understanding of interfacing is just incredible, and very inspiring. Although the timetex was a nightmare to use in the Weekender, the finish is just incredible. The book uses 2 different types of interfacing (fused together)and again the finish is just stunning! The pages are nice and stiff, not all floppy like a normal fabric book. I can stand it up and so I'll be able to look at my pics like its a picture frame.

Next job, My matching toiletry bag. This one I'll design myself though.... Stay tuned!

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