Monday, June 29, 2009

Needle turn Applique

Can you believe that 1 week ago I couldn't needleturn to save myself! Seriously!

The butterfly on the right is my first attempt at the thimblelady's technique, The one on the left is my second and the top one is my newest attempt. Sorry about the pics, my camera is crappy.
Anyway, see that little pink spot, the one inbetween the grain of rice and the corn kernel. Yet the one that looks like a pin head, well guess what, I needleturned that! Me yes Me! Yeahhhh. It is unbeleiveable what You can do! and thats only my very first attempt!
Here have a closer look!
Here have an even closer look! See why I'm raving about the Thimblelady!
You really have to check her out! She is just unbelievable! And so nice too!


  1. Paula
    I also did Liuxin's class and found her technique amazing.

  2. You have done a great job on this needleturn. (and so good on your first attempt). I will have to check out this site!! good on ya!