Thursday, June 4, 2009

Needle turn Applique

I have had a crazy week. I managed to get in a bit of designing and stitching between the hundreds of tissues that we have gone through with 3 sick kids.

My Etsy shop kicked off well with lots of visitors and a few sales too. Woo hoo.

I even got a message from Homespun magazine asking if I'd be interested in designing a project for them. I was totally chuffed!

My husband spent the night last night close to tears as his beloved blues where hammered by QLD in the state of origin. That first silly decition lost it for us, totally destroying our mojo. :)

On a stitching note, I have been trying out a new applique technique, here's the tutorial I used. All I can say is wow! I have tried needleturn so may times and always pulled it undone and ended up going with blanket stitch. But this method is sooo easy and much quicker than cutting out freezer paper and templates. My stitches aren't perfect yet, but much better than I've managed before, so I'm pretty happy with this.


  1. Thanks! I bookmarked that. Great tip, eh?

  2. Great idea! I also suggest Nancy Chong's neddle turn method too. Love your website!!

  3. Great post! I've also been trying to figure out how to use designs around applique. My favorite quilts are pieced with applique in borders, or in blocks, so this is something I really need to master.

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