Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Creative Space

I just discovered that this is my first blog post since Christmas Eve, wow I didn't think it was that long, but I am really trying to think of interesting things that I can tell you about more often, so I'm trying to get back here I promise.

Anyway I thought I would start by showing you a few little areas in my Sewing Room. Have you seen the Quilting Gallerys website? Pat Sloan has started a Learning Centre over there and is doing a feature on Organising your creative space.

This inspired me so I got busy last month and started organising. I wanted one of those peg boards you can get at the hardware, but I saw this shelving system at Aldi and thought that it would do nicely, oh and I wouldn't have to rely on hubby the build a frame ;)
Its fantastic, I have a place for my scissors, Stencils, Headphones (great for blocking out screaming kids hehehe, and of course all the little bits and pieces like basting pins, screw drivers, Marking pens and everything else that I have collected.
Heres just a few of my scissors and rotary cutters that fit perfectly in the screw driver rack.
Over the other side of the room is these super cute tins that I got for half price.. Score!

The purple tin on my storage rack is perfect for my Pearle 8 quilting threads.
And the tidy section of my Fat Quarter collection ;)
People laugh at me when I say I have a massive basket for my scraps, but here it is, all of these pieces are a lot smaller than a fat quarter, tehehe I have trouble throwing fabric away. Can you tell?
This is my design wall. The Cathedral window blocks are a cheats technique I've been working on for years and then I discover that someone else has just published a book using the same technique (google the 10 minute block to see what I mean), ohh well I guess no idea is a new idea :) I'm still going to teach some workshops using this technique.
The other projects are a portrait of my eldest daughter that I started about 3 or 4 years ago, a christmas stocking that I embroidered on some ticking and a little garden embroidery.

My design wall is a product from Floriani, it is tacki on both sides of a batting type material and is supposed to stick to the wall and then your projects are supposed to just stick to it. I had to actually staple it to my wall because it just wouldn't stay up, but my projects seem to stay up ok, as long as they have a wadding on the back of them.
Oops heres a pic I meant to put up the top of this post, but it is basically all my Sewline pens, fabric pens and basically all my pens for using on fabric in one side, then all my normal pens, pencils, erasers and sharpeners in the other.
I thought I throw this in to show that my sewing room is still a work in progress with big piles of stuff everywhere hehehe. Oh well its a start at least :) See the Blue vase, In made that years ago when I was in my Pottery phase :) Actually those vases I painted on it would work on a block I think. Oh dear there I go again wanting to start a new project when I already have 20 on the go.

I haven't shown my table yet as there was secret stuff on there when I took these pics, but I will show you soon I promise.

Whats you best organisation tip?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Hugs Paula


  1. Loved the tour of your creative space and how neat is that shelving system. I have lots of bookcases in my studio and I use a lot of plastic shoe boxes for storing threads, fabric strips and lots of small projects. They stack one on top of the other and are very space efficient. Take care.

  2. Wow, what a fabulous space. I love the peg board idea, only wish I had some wall space to put one too. Thanks for sharing and linking to the Learning Center.