Saturday, June 9, 2012

2 new patterns and a giveaway :)

It's been a busy busy time in the Storm house lately! With 2 new patterns to release at Spring Market in America it has been a bit crazy :)

But we have finally got everything organised and so I would like to introduce you to my newest designs.

First up is the Snuggle Mummy - Baby feeding pillow. The Snuggle Mummy is designed to help Mums Breast Feed more easily.

Having had 4 kids of my own, I know how difficult it can be to master Breast Feeding. The two biggest problems I and most woman have when feeding are getting baby into the correct position, and leaning down to reach the baby which causes back ache. I designed this pillow with those main problems in mind. The Dolphin shape is perfect to help Mums feed because the Tail and Nose sections allow the baby to be held the traditional way or in the 'football' hold. This will also allow mums to feed twins at the same time.

One of the biggest tricks to breast feeding is getting baby close enough to your body. The wedge shape of the pillow automatically rolls baby in towards you. It also means you no longer have to lean over to reach the babys mouth, the wedge shape lifts babys head up to the right height automatically.

 The Snuggle Mummy also features a removeable cover! The inside is made using Quilters Muslin and the cover is removable to allow for washing. The Snugge Mummy is perfect for an intermediate sewer, however a confident beginner could easily make the Snuggle Mummy if they left off the piping.
Aren't my models gorgeous!!! They are my Big sister Jo and her new baby (the inspiration for the Snuggle Mummy) Heidi. Amanda of Hey Beautiful You Photography and I shared the job of taking pictures :)
I really like to use the Snuggle Mummy to prop myself up at night to read my books :)

My other new pattern is my new Softie, Katie-pilla.
Katie is a gorgeous little girl who loves cuddles!
She has stretchy elastic legs and her feet are the perfect shape for little hands to grab hold of. You could even put little rattles inside.
I hope you like my new designs! Katie and the Snuggle Mummy are both made using Helen from Hugs n Kisses new fabric range Life Is Beautiful which is going to be available very soon, so ask your local patchwork shop to get them both in ;)

Wholesale orders are available from Pattern Press

Thanks so much for your continued support! If you would like to win one of my new patterns, just leave a comment here and on Thursday the 14th I will draw a winner (1 of each new patterns) Tell all your friends!!

Hugs Paula


  1. Wow Paula... both patterns are just so cute. I wish I could have another baby...


  2. Wow what beautiful patterns just the things I could be makine for my niece as she is having her first baby.

  3. Congratulations on your new patterns, Paula! I nursed my five children and now my daughters are nursing theirs. That new softie is adorable, too!

  4. What a fantastic idea the Snuggle Mummy is and so cute in the shape of a dolphin. I am expecting my third baby and wish I could of had one of these for my two girls.

  5. The new patterns look great. I know a little girl that would love a Katie-pilla!

  6. Hi Paula,

    Wow two terrific patterns to join your collection. Clever girl and oh so practical. This nanna reckons she might need to get stitching on on one of those Snuggle Mummys as grandchild #3 is on the way.

    Katie-pilla is just ideal for our newest grand daughter, now ten weeks old.

  7. the katiepillar has to be my favourite.thanks for the chance to wiln

  8. Gorgeous new patterns as always!! You are so talented!! :)
    Melissa Harris, Narrawallee
    email: (sorry I don't have a 'blogger' account) :)