Thursday, June 21, 2012

The amazing Hooterville by Quilter Wendy Williams!

The Amazing Wendy Williams has been a guest tutor at My Patch a few times now (and will be again in September). The last time was to teach her amazing Quilt called Hooterville. I must admit I've been meaning to do this post for months, but something else always got in the way... anyway, sit back and enjoy some pictures from the Hooterville workshop.
There was about 8 ladies and a few hangers on ( that would be me and Val, the owner of My Patch hehe)
On the first day of the workshop the ladies made the background of the quilt using Black and Grey linens. Wendy uses alot of Pearle 8 threads in her quilts.
On day 2 the ladies were making their embroidered and appliqued leaves and flowers.
  If you ever get to take a workshop with Wendy I highly recommend her! She is so inspirational, knowledgable and just a lovely person!
 Most of the applique shapes are made with wool felt and some have fabrics appliqued on top of the felt. There is a huge amount of embroidery included in the shapes with all the old fashion stitches, like fly stitch, whipped stitches etc etc.
 By the end of the weekend we put all the girls pieces that they had made, on one of the backgrounds and we had  an almost complete quilt.
 It was sooo soooo pretty! Oh how I wish I had time to make one of these quilts! When we had it hanging in the shop I just couldn't stop stareing at it! Everytime I looked I would see something different, from different embroidery stitches to different fussy cut fabrics, its just a stunning quilt!
Seriously who wouldn't love one of these quilts hanging in their home!
 Just to show you what an amazing talent Wendy is, she was awarded a 3rd place at the Sydney Quilt Show this week in the Professional Predominately Applique category for this quilt titled 'Growing Up'. Considering the Best of Show got the 1st place in this category, you can imagine how amazing this quilt is in person.

I hope you love Wendy's work as much as I do! You can visit her website here, you can see the award winning Sydney Quilt show Quilts here or you can buy Wendys patterns from My Patch Fabrics here.

The full shots of Hooterville and Growing Up were borrowed from Wendys website

On a personal note, If you have a weak stomach I suggest you don't look at the next picture.

 I've experienced the joy of raising a boy this week when my son Jack decided it would be a good idea to jump off the trampoline onto our concrete driveway... he didn't fall, there is a cage around the tramp. He decided he didn't want to get down on the step so he jumped. He smashed his head into the concrete and then as he got up he was so dazed he hit his head on the skip bin we have for our pre-move clean up. Needless to say we have spent the last 2 days at the hospital with a concussion and a suspected broken leg.
My poor little man is finding it very hard to sit still with his sore foot, so he's been crawling around the house hehehe.
I'm sure he'll be fine, but it was quite a shock at the time. Oh the joys of boys! Thank goodness I only have one boy, don't think I could cope with this too often ;)

I hope you have a great weekend.

Hugs Paula

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  1. I saw the quilt at the Sydney Show and it is amazing. I also saw "Hooterville" at a stall and fell in love with it. Sorry to hear about your son Jack... I have a Jack too... and I feel for you. I hope he gets better very soon and doesn't try anything like that again!

  2. Hi Paula I hope Jack is OK it looks like his face must be so sore hope he is better soon.
    Hugs Mary.xx