Saturday, August 15, 2009

New free Pattern for a felt scissor keeper coming

Well it has been quite a while since I last posted, but the reason is I am finally home from hospital! Even if it is only for about 6 weeks, before my next surgery. This was my last day in hospital, the reason for my big smile. I have the big brace on until everything has a chance to heal. The Drs want it on for up to 3 months. It will have been 6 weeks on Wednesday, so I'm halfway there.

Anyway this is what I have been working on. I'm doing a swap and my blocks are going to be for a picnic rug, so I thought what better theme than 'Teddy Bears picnic. This teddy will be in the middle of a spring garden. More pics soon I promise.
On to the freebie. As you may remember I ordered some wool felt from The Home Patch recently. Along with some gorgeous patterns and kits to keep me busy in hospital, I bought some wool felt 6" squares to make my own creations. This Aqua colour just spoke to me and I had to do something with it immediately! So some quick sketching and a little stitching and I come up with this....
I will try and scan the sketch tomorrow and get it up on the blog for you.

But then again, we are having a birthday party for my big 5 year old tomorrow, so it may be the next day. I have to instruct my darling husband how to plug the scanner back in as I am unable to move easily. Hopefully this won't cause a Divorce! hehe


  1. hello, and before the time that I visit yours blog. I augur you to recover soon. I make you compliments for yours you work.
    Take care and get well,

  2. I love your scissor keeper. Very nice!
    What on earth happened to your leg? I ask as I am new here (over from Jenny of Elefantz) and it looks a right painful! I hope you heal quickly! I'm glad you have a craft to keep you busy while you mend. You are very talented, indeed. Once I get moved into my house, I may order some felted wool and try my hand at simple ornaments. Aloha from Hawaii!

  3. Get better quickly, how are you coping with a 5 yr old and a leg like that. Hopefully you have a lot of helpers.

  4. Oh you poor thing - that picture gave me a horrid hiney cringe! Your teddy bear block is adorable, as is the scissors keeper! Enjoy the party - happy birthday to your 5yo!

  5. Love the scissor keeper, hope you mend quickly, that looks painful!