Monday, August 3, 2009

Wool Felt Kits by Annie Downs

I'm so excited, I've been wanting to mess around with wool felt for ages and so I got onto The Home Patch and ordered these.
Hubby just called and they arrived this morning! Yeah Looks like I'll be making christmas Baubles this afternoon. I also ordered the little pincushions, the lamb one, a ladybug and a chicken, I also got some extra wool felt so I can do some of my own designs (look out for some more freebies soon). I'm so excited, as I mentioned I just love Annie Downs designs.


  1. Those kits are lovely , looking forward to seeing the end result , have fun with them !

  2. mmmm......I am loving the look of those felt projects, so nice for a winter project. Don't forget to show and tell the trials and tribulations!
    Kind Regards

  3. Hello! I like your blog. The patchwork is my favorite hobbie..and I´m study English...

    Thank you